Faye’s Art Productions

     Born in the rural town of Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Faye is a self taught artist. Faye began painting as a young child. Acrylics soon became her favorite medium as oil and water colors take to long to dry for this this accomplished artist.

      Faye’s artistic abilities pushed her to challenge herself. besides painting on canvas and hardboard, Faye will do commissions on other objects. Milk cans, plates and old cross cut saws are just some of the objects that Faye has painted.

      Faye paints a variety of subjects, but she prefers scenes of rural Alberta inspired by stories of her father’s past. She believes painting rural Alberta is important because it is an area that will not always exist as our world continues to become urbanized. Some subjects that Faye has painted, such as grain elevators, that have since been torn down.

      Faye also has a love for photography, so Faye and her husband, Leo spend their spare time on the back road of Alberta looking for new subject matter.







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